Illness Strikes

God dag mine damer og herrar.

This past week has been a right rollercoaster for me. I’ve been ill mentally and physically and at times delirious because of it. Quite an adventure that’s for sure.

As some of my Norwegian friends warned me, the chocolate milk named Litago is lita go (little good in non-standard spelling), and the first time I tried it I managed to throw up my lunch. Yuck. That was a fun day. Later that evening I ended up with a pretty nasty fever, during which, my girlfriend tells me, I was delirious. Don’t remember it very well. It was a strange day on Monday. At least my presentation during my Norwegian lesson went well in the morning!

Anyway, enough about me nearly dying.

Haven’t done any travelling or hikes or anything this week (for obvious reasons if you read the first bit) but I’m hoping to do something this weekend maybe. Perhaps Ulriken? I hear the views are stunning. I hope the weather is good this weekend so that that is doable.

I’ll be back at my big band rehearsal for the first time in 3 weeks tonight. Should be fun, I’ve missed playing sax in a group!

Anyway, back to the last bit of the academic week, only 2 lectures to go before freedommmmm. EDIT: freedom for this week. Not like a full on break.

Me snakkast snart!


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